To have a strong mind, just do sports every day

We often talk about the benefits that physical exercise produces on the body, both muscular and mental. Doing sports continuously, in fact, besides improving the general functioning of the human body, also produces benefits for the brain. Therefore, to have a strong mind, daily physical activity is essential.

As you will see in this article, in fact, in parallel with the development of strength and endurance, the performance of daily training promotes concentration, self-confidence, response to external stimuli and much more. All elements that contribute to having a strong and active mind.

Playing sports every day allows you to have a strong mind

Obviously everything depends on the discipline, the intensity, the frequency and the personal characteristics of each athlete. However, the truth is that when individual trains, regardless of gender and age, the resulting benefits affect the physical as well as the intellectual sphere.

Following a workout routine of at least three times a week, for a total of 30 minutes per session, after about a month, you too can see that you have a strong mind and are more ready to respond to environmental stimuli. What needs to be kept in mind, in particular, is that these benefits disappear once the practice of sport is abandoned. However, it is possible to identify at least 7 advantages that sports activities produce on the human brain. Let’s see them below, one by one.

1. Reduces anxiety and depression

Whether you do cardio or anaerobic exercise (such as lifting weights, for example) in a time interval between 20 and 60 minutes per session, at least three times a week, your body will begin to release endorphins. These hormones act on the brain, promoting a feeling of serenity and well-being.

At the same time, other fundamental hormones are also produced, such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. All, in equal measure, combine to regulate many emotions, such as anger, anxiety, and nervousness.

2. Increase in concentration

In order to have a strong and healthy mind, it is essential that you be able to concentrate on the activity you are doing. With daily exercise you can get more attention because the routine requires adequate concentration in performing the appropriate techniques, repetitions or movements of the various exercises proposed.

Following a workout routine improves blood circulation and this is closely related to concentration. That’s right because the mind receives more oxygen and increases its capacity for analysis and reaction, with practical benefits that are ideal for older people, for example.

3. The pain threshold becomes higher

But the release of endorphins also has other innumerable advantages. For example, you should know that these very important hormones are able to inhibit the nerve fibers responsible for the transmission of pain. Not surprisingly, endorphins are considered as a kind of “natural analgesics” and are produced to a greater extent when any physical activity is performed.

4. Gives greater security

Insecurity can be experienced in every aspect of life, from public speaking to inviting the person you like to dinner. If you worry too much or fear changes, it could be because you don’t feel confident enough about yourself.

The good thing is that this aspect can be solved by starting to play sports every day. This is due to the fact that when you reach and exceed your goals, your self-esteem will increase. As a result, you will be able to do things you never imagined you could do before … This is the most obvious result of having a strong mind!

5. Improves performance and cognitive functions

If your job requires not only concentration but also the proposal of new ideas to implement or documents to write, most likely the exercise will allow you to improve your creativity. The same is also true for students, especially if you cannot concentrate or understand the fundamental concepts of the subjects until after a hard effort.

The benefits at the cognitive level are also linked to an improvement in the performance of mathematical calculations, due to greater memory and more effective control of behavior. All this because doing sports every day increases the production of a neurotrophin that is responsible for strengthening areas such as the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus. As you can see, physical activity produces many benefits for the mind.

6. Reduces neurodegenerative diseases

Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease is neurodegenerative diseases. So far there is no cure for any of them, unfortunately, but there are treatments that reduce the symptoms or delay their appearance. Sport, by strengthening the mind, is definitely very useful for all those who are at risk of suffering from these diseases.

7. Makes it more disciplined

Another of the advantages deriving from sporting activity concerns discipline. If you go to the gym or practice any sport, in fact, you will first have to learn to respect schedules, rules, behavioral guidelines and follow the instructions of personal trainers and coaches. In short, you will develop aspects of your character such as respect, punctuality, personal order. All things that will surely be to your advantage.

We also talk about empathy, self-discipline, perseverance, tolerance to frustration, self-knowledge and the reduction of aggression. Thanks to these small but decisive steps forward, you will be able to have a strong mind and be able to face any challenge or problem.

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