How to stay slim and fit during the holidays

Even if the holidays are used to switch off and get rid of stress, they often have a negative impact on your weight. The less activity, the excesses at the table and a certain latent laziness, contribute to favoring an increase in weight and a decrease in muscle mass. In short, staying slim and fit during the holidays is a real challenge. But how can we avoid throwing the hours spent in the gym or running to the wind, as well as the sacrifices made at the table during the winter?

In this article, we will show you that you can enjoy your vacation days and at the same time keep your weight and an acceptable muscle level. Of course, there are no elixirs or magic formulas that can solve the problem. If you want to stay slim and fit during the holidays, you will have to demonstrate, as always, iron willpower. But never forget it: it’s your health!

We have chosen for you four practical tips that will help you maintain a great shape. This does not mean that you will have to give up something. But you know, in order to get good results, you need to establish an action plan. So let’s see how you can counteract the excesses of the holidays, keeping good when you did in winter.

4 tricks to stay slim and fit during the holidays

1. Walk to discover less touristy places

Let’s start by pointing out a crucial point: holidays are not synonymous with sedentary life. Indeed, they should mean just the opposite. During this rest period, we suggest you walk for at least an hour a day, even with little effort. If you need an excuse, a motivation to do it, you will really be spoiled for choice.

If yours is a romantic vacation, how about a nice walk to accompany the sunset over the sea? An alternative can be to go in search of unusual places, far from the crush of tourists. Without even realizing it, you will find yourself walking for over an hour, enriching your cultural background, teasing your eyes and, above all, burning fat and calories. If it is hot, bring a bottle of water with you and cover your head with a hat, so that you can always walk as comfortably as possible.

2. Choose healthier snacks

It is true that, during the holidays, there is a tendency to eat more. Moreover, we often have lunch or dinner outside, with the risk of eating fried foods, highly seasoned or simply low quality. From breakfast to snacks or aperitifs, you’ll have to be smart to choose well what to eat . And, if possible, to limit the portions of the dishes.

Our advice is not to give up tasting traditional dishes and foods since all this is part of the travel experience. We simply suggest that you choose the alternatives that are healthier, avoiding potentially fatty and high-calorie foods.

To stay slim and fit during the holidays you don’t have to put yourself to water. Consult the menu of the restaurant or bar where you sit and opt for healthier alternatives. Dishes based on chicken, turkey, prawns, mussels, prepared naturally and without sauces, will be fine. Try to limit the consumption of carbonated soft drinks and sugary juices. Especially when it’s hot, there’s nothing better than fresh lemonade or plain water.

3. Play sports in a fun way

Even during the holidays, you can continue to practice your favorite sports in order to burn calories. Pack your sneakers: maybe in the hotel where you go there is a gym or you can play tennis, run or do something else. Combining rest with a bit of healthy physical activity is the best way to stay slim and fit during the holidays.

If you go to a seaside resort, you can have fun in countless ways. Rent a canoe, a windsurf or, if it’s too complicated, even aboard and an oar for paddle surfing (as in the main photo). You can play sports, having fun, and in the company of the whole family. At the end of the day you will be tired but happy, because you will have had four laughs and, at the same time, you will have kept fit. Your sleep will also benefit and it will not be a problem to eat a few extra calories: you will have earned it!

Even if you spend your holidays in other contexts, there are many activities you can do. Think, for example, of the simple ride in the midst of fields and woods, mountain hikes, climbing and even riding. Moreover, you will regain contact with nature, oxygenating the body and finding a certain serenity.

4. Refresh yourself with healthy drinks without sugar

The soft drinks and which contain alcohol are some of the key elements that promote weight gain during the holidays. A frequent mistake is to use these liquids just when you are thirsty. They are mainly products full of sugars and it is always preferable to drink simple water, wholemeal salts or, perhaps, a natural juice.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine or a beer during meals, but always do it in moderation.

L ‘ hydration, especially during the warmer months, is absolutely critical. Therefore, to stay slim and fit during the holidays, pay attention to what you drink.

Thanks to these four tips, you can return from your vacation without regrets. You will be able to enjoy your holidays in a healthy and fun way, keeping yourself in good health. This will allow you to resume your work routine more quickly without having to do extra work in the gym. Try to put these guidelines into practice in a uniform way: your body will be grateful!

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