Bromelain: properties and benefits of the pineapple enzyme

Bromelain is a particular type of enzyme present in pineapples, both in the stems and in the fruit. Since it is destroyed by heat, it must be consumed fresh to be able to absorb it. It is part of the so-called proteolytic enzymes that, in other words, are able to favor the breaking of the peptide bond (the one that unites them), producing positive effects against certain types of pain.

As we will see together in this article, there are very many advantages deriving from the consumption of fresh pineapple which therefore contains bromelain. This interesting enzyme can intervene in many aspects of human health, treating and solving problems of a certain severity. If you want to know everything about bromelain, read on.

The benefits of bromelain for human health

1. Arthritis and sinusitis

Bromelain is a very fashionable supplement in European countries because it is used to treat the pains of arthritis and sinusitis. Several studies have demonstrated its property as a natural anti-inflammatory drug, even capable of reducing pain deriving from complex pathologies such as these two.

Furthermore, there are some experts who say that bromelain can reduce the symptoms of cough, as well as reduce the inflammation caused by hay fever. This enzyme has been approved to correct problems in the nose, ear, and throat after surgery, as well as inflammation resulting from a sinus attack.

2. Swelling and inflammation

Bromelain is able to reduce swelling, accelerate the healing of bruises produced by strokes, as well as pain after a surgical operation. A study showed that 90% of the people who took this enzyme after an operation recovered much better than the rest of the patients.

3. Heartburn and poor digestion

By itself, bromelain is able to reduce swelling, gas and other symptoms typical of a picture of irritable bowel. But in addition, along with other enzymes such as, for example, amylase, it is much more effective in digesting carbohydrates and, along with lipase, digesting fat.

Amylases, produced by salivary glands and pancreas, favor the splitting (or hydrolysis) of ingested starches. Lipases play the same role but intervene on fats.

4. Second and third-degree burns

Several studies have shown the ability of bromelain to treat burns up to the second and third degrees. This is due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities that we discussed earlier. In a study carried out on some laboratory guinea pigs, it was shown that this enzyme promotes the elimination of dead skin even in third-degree burns.

5. General strengthening of the immune system

It has also been shown that this enzyme is able to stimulate the functioning of people’s immune systems, partly due to the stimulation of hormone production in that system. Several studies have shown that it can alleviate some of the side effects produced during cancer, which occur in people with a weakened immune system.

6. Bromelain for osteoarthritis and varicose veins

One of the many benefits of this enzyme is that it helps alleviate small and constant pain from arthrosis. Therefore, it is a natural and very common supplement that is recommended for the treatment of these discomforts. Furthermore, it is used by several alternative drugs to improve varicose vein conditions, but it is also an excellent cure against hemorrhoids and other problems that affect the health of the veins.

7. Stomach acidity

In addition to the benefits that bromelain produces on the intestine and on the stomach, this enzyme is also able to regulate the acidity of the stomach, as well as the alkalinity of the small intestine. Currently, several studies have been conducted in which it has been shown that it can reduce and alleviate diarrhea caused by infections with Escherichia coli, a microorganism that can significantly weaken the digestive system and can also be hidden in unwashed fruit and vegetables.

8. Bromelain and respiratory conditions

Bromelain is also able to improve respiratory problems since it prevents the accumulation of water in the lungs and decreases the presence of mucus. For these reasons, many are the experts who recommend taking it daily to people who suffer from asthma or who are going through a stage of chronic bronchitis. Indeed, the improvements produced by the intake of this enzyme are very evident.

9. Platelet coagulation

In addition to what has been described so far, it must be said that there is still much to be discovered about bromelain. In particular, recent studies state that this extraordinary enzyme is able to act on the coagulation of platelets. When this possibility is confirmed scientifically, we can talk about further benefits in the cardiovascular health of human beings.

As you have seen,  this pineapple enzyme (mainly extracted from the stalk and the pulp) produces multiple benefits for our health. Currently, it is possible to take bromelain through natural supplements that contain it. Always check the instructions in the leaflet, so as not to exceed the recommended doses and, of course, talk to your doctor before placing bromelain in your food routine.

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