4 tricks to take care of your hair in the gym

The sweat that remains in the hair during a training session in the gym can cause many problems to the scalp. So, if you are one of those people who believe that the most difficult part of daily training is to maintain a certain style, we have prepared a list of suggestions for taking care of your hair when you go to the gym.

Skipping a training session or hurting some exercises because you want to keep your hair clean are definitely not the best solutions to adopt. Fortunately for you, you can take care of your hair, knowing some really effective tricks.

In this article, we will tell you how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful even if you exercise every day. Follow our suggestions carefully and try to put them into practice even though they seem difficult to implement.

The best tricks for taking care of hair when at the gym

1. Dry shampoo before training

The first of the suggestions we want to give you to take care of your hair when you go to the gym is to use dry shampoo before training. Like the rest of the body, the hair also needs some care before training.

Along with stretching and proper warm-up, an important part of the pre-workout routine should also be to apply a dry shampoo to your hair. As long as you wash after the workout!

Pay attention to the nape too. It is a part of the body where a lot of sweat accumulates. Using a dry shampoo before your routine will allow you to absorb moisture both when you sweat and during your workout time.

With this little trick, at the end of the session, you will have drier hair. Another advantage is that you will not have to wash them after each   In this way you will conserve the natural oils present in the scalp and preserve them from dryness.

2. Avoid using the hairdryer

The heat- dry your hair. If you have time, after the shower, let them dry in the air while you dress or makeup.

If you don’t have time to wait for them to dry completely, try to wait until they are at least 70% dry and use a hairdryer set to “cold” to complete the operation.

3. Laces, bands and clothespins for hair care in the gym

Obvious advice, however, that we propose to you is to use laces, bands or clothespins. The problem is that many sportsmen use the first thing that happens to tie their hair.

Nowadays there are many accessories available on the market. They are made specifically for training and their main advantage is that they are softer and that they adapt perfectly to their purpose.

We advise you to buy “spiral” or “loop” ones. Do not doubt, have a good grip, work for all types of hair and do not cause any kind of damage.

The same applies to the bands. By now fabrics are used that absorb moisture and sweat, preventing the accumulation of fat on the roots.

4. Use a shampoo without sulfates

The last trick to take care of your hair is to use a shampoo without sulfates. Choose products suitable for everyday use. In this way, you will safeguard the natural humidification mechanism of the hair from the scalp and keep it in the best condition.

The best thing you can do to get rid of sweat and take care of your hair is to use a non-aggressive, non-sulfate moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t over-clean. To prevent them from drying out too much, you can make compresses with a little oil. This operation is also very useful for absorbing sweat.

Finally, we remind you that if you let sweat build up for too long, the bacteria on your skin will increase and may cause outbreaks or inflammation of the epidermis (in general) and of the scalp (in particular).

For these reasons, from time to time you can avoid washing your hair, but never skip the shower! Try to follow our advice, you will have an enviable appearance during your workouts!